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First, add all of your products to your cart from our Live Menu

For most areas, it’s a $30 minimum for delivery. (Click or see the map below)

Then Proceed to Cart / View Cart & Checkout. Or click the cart icon above.

After reviewing your products and order subtotal: 

Enter your Delivery Address or Type in Name of the Hotel / Business Name.

To ensure your address is correct, we suggest selecting from the “Powered by Google” address options that automatically pop up.

Then Proceed to Checkout.

Select Delivery Time. Add Delivery Instructions. Then Continue.

Enter your basic information found on your ID. Then Upload your Government ID. Then Continue.

Select Payment Method. Continue.

Then make sure to Confirm the Delivery Reservation and that’s it!

(You may have to complete a CAPTCHA.) 

Then you will receive a confirmation: “Thank you. Your order has been placed.”

You will also receive a text confirmation as well.

At that point, sit back and relax. Listen to our SPOTIFY tunes or watch our YOUTUBE channel.

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Yes absolutely, we can meet you “curbside” at our Pickup Location in San Mateo
We are a local cannabis delivery service. There aren’t any cannabis dispensary storefronts that you can actually walk into on the Peninsula between San Francisco and San Jose.
We can meet you near Jack’s off El Camino Real in San Mateo near Highway 92.
Please meet your Sensi Driver in a Tesla at the passenger side window. 
Place your order online using the Pickup option.

Within the SF Peninsula, it is between $30-60 depending on your area.

With that being said, larger order minimums are depending on your region. 

We deliver all over the SF Bay Area with minimums ranging from $30 to $420. 

You are always welcome to meet us locally if you wish to avoid the order minimum!

See Our Map Below!  Pro Tip: Full Screen then Type in your Zip Code

We deliver to the entire San Francisco Greater Bay Area from the City through SJ and the East Bay. 

See Map Below!  Pro Tip: Full Screen then Type in your Zip Code

Yes, we regularly deliver to hotels. Your Sensi Driver will meet you just outside your hotel lobby.

Please add the name of your hotel to your delivery address upon checkout to help us find you easier.

Please meet the driver at the vehicle near the passenger side window. The driver must remain in the vehicle at all times.

You must be there to receive your delivery. We can never leave your package at the front desk, sorry.

Unfortunately, we cannot deliver to any airport because all public airports are on federal land. 

However, we can deliver to the Grand Hyatt Hotel at SFO. (Connected to San Francisco International Airport by an AirTrain station) Please use the delivery address: 

55 S McDonnell Rd, San Francisco, CA 94128 (Please meet the driver just outside the lobby)

Federal law applies to federal property within California.

Users of cannabis — both recreational and medical — should be aware that federal law, rather than California law, applies to federal property within the state of California.

Examples of federal property include:

  • public airports
  • federal buildings
  • post offices
  • national parks
  • federal courthouses

We are a local cannabis delivery service. There aren’t any cannabis dispensary storefronts that you can actually walk into on the Peninsula between San Francisco and San Jose.

That is why we offer a local pick-up option.

We know that a lot of people have had a negative experiences with legal cannabis. This frequently occurs as a result of poor curation and a lack of guidance. Our San Mateo, CA weed delivery service guarantees reliable and high-quality guidance. At The Sensi Society, we only sell products we would use personally.

Buying cannabis from us ensures you get the exact strain you ordered. It’s no longer a guessing game to determine product genetics and lineage. You can rest assured that every product you purchase from The Sensi Society has been accurately classified by plant type and tested to determine the precise cannabinoid and terpene profile. To guarantee that our cannabis products are clean and free of harmful pesticides or contaminants, every product supplied in our San Mateo online dispensary undergoes laboratory testing.

Your favorite strains are simple to find in our online live menu.

Please meet your driver at the vehicle near the passenger side window with your ID ready. 

The driver must remain inside the vehicle at all times.

If at a hotel, please meet your Sensi Driver just outside the lobby.

Your Sensi Driver will arrive in a Tesla.

Yes, there is a $5 delivery fee on all deliveries.

To avoid any delivery fees or order minimums you are welcome to meet us at our pick-up location at 1750 South El Camino Real in San Mateo.

*There is a small processing fee for all electronic payments.

No, for the safety of our team, our Sensi drivers are not allowed to carry cash change. 

Please have exact change when paying cash. 

We also ask you to place your cash in an envelope or bag if possible for sanitary purposes. Thank you!

We are happy to issue you a credit for your next delivery.

Yes, we take electronic payments through the following three methods:

We accept payment via Zelle directly from your banking institution.

We accept Apple Cash through SMS directly to the driver’s cell phone.

We accept Cash App directly through the Apple/Android application on your smartphone.

New to Cash App? Click here for $5 just for signing up.

Please ask your Sensi Dispatcher prior to delivery for more details. Or ask your Sensi Driver for assistance at the time of delivery.

There is a $5 processing fee for all electronic payments.

If wanting same-day delivery, we generally try to deliver all orders within a couple of hours. Please never hesitate to reach out and we can give a more specific ETA based on where you live within the Bay Area.

You are more than welcome to schedule your delivery ahead of time. Many patients enjoy ordering the night before and scheduling their delivery for a specific time the next day.

Need an update on an order you already placed? Call or Text us at (650) 524-5083

We need to complete our final delivery before 10 pm PST.

Please order before 8:00 – 9:00 pm to expect same-day delivery.

Our live menu can receive your order 24/7. We love to schedule deliveries ahead of time! Please add your desired delivery time in the notes when placing your order.

Yes, please have your physical ID ready to present to your driver at the time of delivery.

The Sensi Driver may need to take a picture of your ID to update your Sensi Account, before delivery or pick-up.

You must have a current, valid, government-issued identification card with your picture.

Yes, The Sensi Society is proud to enable electric-only vehicles to deliver their cannabis products to support a clean green lifestyle. We are happy to support zero emissions from ALL of our cannabis deliveries! 

No, according to CA state law cannabis retailers cannot sell tobacco products. Our blunts are hemp wraps of course.

Yes, we do. Look under the “Smoke Shop” section of our live menu.

If you look under our Next Day Delivery Menu, you will find a much larger assortment of pipes, papers, grinders, lighters, rolling trays, ashtrays, etc.

Our delivery car is a discreet vehicle with no external branding or messaging. Deliveries come in colorful reusable paper bags.

Drivers always know to use discretion and to be as discreet as possible. Your privacy is important to us.

If you would prefer we meet you down the street or at a different delivery location or meeting point, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Recreational (21+ w/ current government ID):

You may order no more than one (1) ounce of flower and eight (8) grams of concentrates (oils, wax, etc).

There are currently no delivery limits for edibles (measured in milligrams).

Medical (18+ w/ current CA medical recommendation + current government ID):

For medicinal purposes, patients can order up to eight (8) ounces of flower and the equivalent produced into concentrates.

No. In California, cannabis smoke is treated the same as cigarette smoke. 

If smoking cigarettes is prohibited in a place, smoking cannabis is as well. 

While there are some cannabis lounges in SF and cannabis events in the state that allow public smoking, unfortunately, you are for the most part restricted to enjoy cannabis in private homes and within private properties. 

And don’t smoke in a car, even if you are parked and/or a passenger!

Yes. You can give away up to 1 ounce of flower or up to 8 g of concentrates so as long as you receive no compensation for the gift.

You certainly do not need to tip your driver, however, I am sure your Sensi Driver will greatly appreciate anything you could offer.

Sensi Drivers also may accept tips when paying via electronic payments.

100% of the tips go directly to your specified delivery driver!

We sincerely hope you love your products! However, if there are any issues with quality or functionality, please reach out to our support team at (650) 524-5083 within 24 hours of your purchase. 

Please check all products immediately upon delivery or pickup.

Any issues with vape products can be exchanged for the exact same vape product.

Delivery returns can meet us at the pickup location if that’s more convenient. Pickup returns must meet us again at the pick-up location.

Unopened products can be exchanged. Refunds are not available.

We think every consumer should expect their weed dispensary to stock high-quality and carefully chosen products. For this reason, every product on our online menu has been tested by our staff and approved by sommeliers who have received formal training. You can shop confidently with The Sensi Society since we don’t stock anything we wouldn’t use ourselves.

Local laws do not permit walk-in dispensaries anywhere on the Peninsula from San Francisco to San Jose. With that being said, can meet you “curbside” at our Pickup Location in San Mateo.

We can meet you near Jack’s off El Camino Real in San Mateo near Highway 92.

Please meet your Sensi Driver in a Black Tesla at the passenger side window.

Place your order online using the Pickup option.

1750 South El Camino Real
San Mateo, CA 94402

Use this link for your directions!

Yes absolutely, give us a call anytime and we’d be more than happy with assisting you with placing your order over the phone.

Call us at (650) 524-5083

The owners: Linette and Angelo, grew up on the Peninsula their entire lives. Through the years they noticed a need for a quality cannabis delivery service in the area.

Our team at The Sensi Society felt like the present retail environment in Central Peninsula, CA was not adequately serving cannabis consumers because there were very few dispensaries that were showcasing the best in legal cannabis, and were offering the same brands and products. Quality products remain at the core of The Sensi Society commitment to the benefits of thoughtful, informed, and responsible cannabis use.

We also knew that there was a disconnect between the cannabis consumers’ lifestyle and their shopping habits. Cannabis users have for too long frequented stores that fueled the “stoner” stereotype even though we were aware of the enormous number of people for whom this did not apply. In all this context, The Sensi Society is available to you as a game changer. Just place your order, and you’ll be able to testify to it.

Yes! We a local, legal, and licensed cannabis delivery service.

You can go to our website 24/7 and shop from our high-quality menu. The Sensi Society is a licensed cannabis business in California.

You can choose to either pay online or pay on delivery. We accept traditional cash, Zelle, Apple Cash, & Cash App. We’ll have your products ready for you right away and delivered at your convenience.

Still Have A Question? We are here to help with all cannabis questions! Search our Sensi Site Here:

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Avoid delivery fees and order minimums with a quick and easy local pick-up in San Mateo!

Meet our driver at our pick-up location near Jack’s off South El Camino Real in San Mateo near Highway 92.

Place your order online using the Pickup option.

Have Unaswered Questions? We are here to help with all cannabis questions!

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