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“The Sensi Society” – Previously Higher Ground Delivery (Green Fiend Delivery) is a delivery service based out of San Mateo and serving the San Francisco Greater Bay Area from the City through SJ and the East Bay. Where we hold a reputation of having some of the best quality medical cannabis products with truly personalized customer service.

We are building this community, culture, lifestyle, movement, Irie Vibe Sensi Tribe: The Sensi Society.

We operate under that same mentality only hoping to never disappoint our members and continue to produce that known Bay Area true quality medical cannabis from the busty floral bud to amazing CO2 cartridges to the delicious savory edibles.

We LOVE Special Requests! With that being said we have a growing cannabis delivery menu, and if there’s something you’d like to see available please let us know and we will see what we can do.

With our Cannabis Clinic, nothing is taken more seriously than the confidentiality of our patients and being able to satisfy all of our members’ needs.

So please if you have some feedback for us, whether it be positive or negative, we want to hear it!

We know a community driven collective is what our members what, so that’s why we let YOU, our Sensi Society make the decisions collectively.

Got Feedback?  We are all ears!  Contact Us Today!

We appreciate all patients from young men in their 20’s with insomnia to women in their 50’s dealing with menopause, and we even have plenty of “mature” patients as well who are in the 60’s or even 80’s dealing with severe chronic pain.

We even have CBD products with ZERO THC. (No psychoactive effects) We also carry some Delta-8 products as well.

We are your cannabis delivery service who will treat you like family.

Welcome to The Sensi Society!

Established in 2015Green Fiend Delivery -> Higher Ground Delivery -> The Sensi Society

We started in early 2015 just serving only our local San Mateo community and now have grown the entire Bay Area from SF to SJ. Please schedule your delivery in advance if you can. We can set up an appointment with you, so you know for certain when you’ll be receiving your medicine.

Our same day delivery cities include: Atherton Belmont Brisbane Burlingame Daly City El Granada Half Moon Bay La Honda Loma Mar Menlo Park Millbrae Montara Moss Beach Pacifica Pescadero Portola Valley Redwood City San Bruno San Carlos San Francisco San Gregorio San Mateo South San Francisco Alviso Campbell Coyote Cupertino Gilroy Holy City Los Altos Los Gatos Milpitas Morgan Hill Mount Hamilton Mountain View Palo Alto Redwood Estates San Jose San Martin Santa Clara Saratoga Stanford Sunnyvale

San Francisco, CA - San Mateo County, CA - Santa Clara County, CA - Alameda County, CA

Meet The TeamOf Highly Motivated Cannabis Experts

Starting in San Mateo in the heart of the Peninsula, the team knew through their own experiences that there was a need for a reliable, consistent, quality medical marijuana delivery service in the Bay Area. Our Sensi Society Team is on a mission to serve Californian’s with the best combination of customer service and quality products at a range of prices. Each and every patient is truly a member of the collective as you’re not just communicating with the drivers when you order, but actual Sensi Budtenders who will contact with you via text, email, or phone from when you place the order, to even questions about our products once the the items are in front of you.

What Does Sensi Mean?From Jamaica throughout the world, in the early 1980's the slang term "Sensi" was popularized. Sensi is short for sensimellia, which means no seeds. Sensimillia is cannabis flower/bud from the seedless female hemp plants that contain very high levels of THC.

As pollinated cannabis plants spends its energy on producing seeds, unpollinated female plants spend their energy on producing and developing resin content.

The same resin that contains the majority of cannabis’s key psychoactive cannabinoids; potent, THC-rich cannabis can only be achieved through the development of unpollinated female cannabis flowers.

Before modern cannabis cultivation in California was established, wild grown cannabis, imported from Mexico, was pollinated and contained seeds. This fertilized cannabis was less potent and flavorful due to lack of resin development. 

Eventually it was learned that superior cannabis came from unfertilized female flowers. The term sensimilla was coined during at a time and place where “the good stuff” on the market meant the seedless, craft grown cannabis.

As all cannabis on the market today consists of seedless, female flowers, sensimilla or sensi is used contemporarily to describe particularly potent strains and different cannabis cultivars.


  • highly potent marijuana from female plants that are specially tended and kept seedless by preventing pollination in order to induce a high resin content
  • a female hemp plant grown to produce sinsemilla

   First Known use of the word was in 1975.


   History & Etymology:

  • American Spanish, from sin without + semilla seed
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