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“The Sensi Society” – Previously Higher Ground Delivery (Green Fiend Delivery) is a cannabis delivery service based out of San Mateo and serving the San Francisco Greater Bay Area from the City through San Jose and the East Bay. 

We are so proud of our growth with our local community throughout the years.

Where we hold a reputation for having some of the best quality medical cannabis products with truly personalized customer service. 

We treat each member like family.

We are building this community, culture, lifestyle, and movement, Irie Vibe Sensi Tribe: The Sensi Society.

We hope to never disappoint our members by continuing to produce our Bay Area true quality medical cannabis.

Our Sensi cannabis experts ensure quality control from the busty floral bud to amazing CO2 cartridges to the delicious savory edibles.

The needs of our Sensi Members always come first. We LOVE Special Requests! Message Us Today!

With that being said, we have a large growing cannabis delivery menu, and if there’s something you’d like to see available please request that specific cannabis product!

With our Cannabis Clinic, nothing is taken more seriously than the confidentiality of our patients and being able to satisfy all of our members’ needs.

So please if you have some feedback for us, whether it be positive or negative, we want to hear it!

We know a community-driven collective is what our members what, so that’s why we let YOU, our Sensi Society make the decisions collectively.

Got Feedback?  We are all ears!  Contact Us Today!

We appreciate all patients from young men in their 20s with insomnia to women in their 50s dealing with menopause, and we even have plenty of “mature” patients as well who are in their 60s or even 80s dealing with severe chronic pain.

We even have CBD products with ZERO THC. (No psychoactive effects) We also carry some Delta-8 products as well.

We are your cannabis delivery service and will treat you like family.

Sense the Vibe. Welcome to The Sensi Society!

Established in 2015Green Fiend Delivery -> Higher Ground Delivery -> The Sensi Society

We started in early 2015 just serving only our local San Mateo and Burlingame community and now have grown to serve the entire Bay Area from SF to SJ. 

We have always delivered a personalized cannabis experience to all of our customers. 

If you ever have any cannabis-related questions, our experts are always more than happy to help!

You’re welcome to schedule your delivery in advance. We can set up an appointment with you, so you know for certain when you’ll be receiving your medicine.

Our same-day delivery cities include: Atherton Belmont Brisbane Burlingame Daly City El Granada Half Moon Bay La Honda Loma Mar Menlo Park Millbrae Montara Moss Beach Pacifica Pescadero Portola Valley Redwood City Redwood Shores San Bruno San Carlos San Francisco San Gregorio San Mateo Hillsborough Foster City San Mateo Park South San Francisco Alviso Campbell Coyote Cupertino Gilroy Holy City Los Altos Los Gatos Milpitas Morgan Hill Mount Hamilton Mountain View Palo Alto Redwood Estates San Jose San Martin Santa Clara Saratoga Stanford Sunnyvale

San Francisco, CA - San Mateo County, CA - Santa Clara County, CA - Alameda County, CA

Meet The TeamOf Highly Motivated Cannabis Experts

Angelo and Linette believe in flexibility and comfort when it comes to purchasing cannabis. Our staff genuinely goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable with your cannabis purchase. 

If it’s your first cannabis experience or if you’re a total cannabis connoisseur, our educated and friendly Sensi Team has your back! All Sensi products are hand-picked and selected after a stringent vetting process. Sensi only sources top-quality products from reputable brands.

Linette and Angelo both grew up on the Peninsula. Starting in San Mateo in the heart of the Peninsula, the team knew through their own experiences that there was a need for a reliable, consistent, quality medical marijuana delivery service in the Bay Area. Our Sensi Society Team is on a mission to serve Californians with the best combination of customer service and quality products at a range of prices. 

Every patient is truly a member of the collective as you’re not just communicating with the drivers when you order, but actual Sensi Budtenders who will contact you via text, email, or phone from when you place the order, to even questions about our products once the items are in front of you.

In Oakland, Angelo attended Oaksterdam University –  Business of Cannabis, where he learned much of his industry knowledge and made a lot of connections.

The cannabis industry is unlike any other. Oaksterdam’s business program focuses on how the industry operates and the myriad nuances that make it so unique to run a cannabis company in comparison to other types of businesses. It also covers compassionate and informed leadership in the sector.

Mario C.Sensi Budtender

Mario is a gamer with a love for board games and spending time with his family. He is also a cannabis enthusiast and is extremely passionate about being able to help others with their cannabis needs.

Mario has been working in the cannabis industry since 2017, and he says it’s been an interesting journey. He has gained a unique perspective on the growing industry and how it has evolved into what it is today.

Coffee is an essential part of Mario’s daily routine, and he can’t imagine starting his day without it. He claims there’s something about the aroma and the taste that just make everything better.

Mario is someone who enjoys the occasional disposable vape pen, as he appreciated the calming effects it has on his mind and body. He believes it’s a great way to unwind after a long day of work or gaming.

At home, Mario shares his space with his Persian cat, Pringles, who’s a bundle of joy. She’s always there to keep him company and make him laugh. All in all, he is just a regular guy who loves to have fun and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Josh E.Sensi Driver

Josh is constantly listening to music, including hits from the 70s by Bill Withers. He is also a huge fan of Australian Rock like King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard.

He frequently enjoys playing and writing music with his friends, usually playing the harmonica or rocking out on the drums. Josh feels that using cannabis while performing different instruments truly enables him to feel the music and connect with his instruments on another level.

Although this is Josh’s first job in Cannabis Industry, he has a passion for customer experience and developing relationships with customers. He has always been an outspoken cannabis advocate and has ordered from dozens of other local cannabis delivery services. He uses his past experience and what he’s acknowledged throughout the years to improve our workflow here at The Sensi Society.

Josh loves to use vape cartridges as his favorite cannabis product. He feels as though vape products are the most convenient method for him, mainly because of their portability and potency.

Josh A.Sensi Driver

Joshua is currently pursuing his Associate’s Degree in Studio Arts and transferring to San Jose State University to obtain his Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture Design. Creating and designing have always been his interest while growing up because they enabled him to explore and expand his imagination. 
His hobbies are hiking with his dog and golfing with his friends. He enjoys the outdoors because he believes that nature is both beautiful and dangerous. He also loves watching football (soccer) mainly European teams. FC Barcelona is my favorite club in Spain because of their outstanding players like Ronaldinho, Messi, and Neymar.
This is his first job working in the cannabis industry but he’s very familiar with the different types of cannabis and different forms that are available in the marketplace.
Joshua’s favorite way to enjoy cannabis is whether he’s smoking wax vapes or taking a dab off an electric rig while watching football (soccer) games, Josh appreciates a good unwinding and de-stress after a long day of driving for our Sensi Family.

What Does Sensi Mean?From Jamaica throughout the world, in the early 1980s the slang term "Sensi" was popularized. Sensi is short for sensimilla, which means no seeds. Sensimillia is a cannabis flower/bud from the seedless female hemp plants that contain very high levels of THC.

As pollinated cannabis plants spend their energy on producing seeds, unpollinated female plants spend their energy on producing and developing resin content.

The same resin that contains the majority of cannabis’s key psychoactive cannabinoids; potent, THC-rich cannabis can only be achieved through the development of unpollinated female cannabis flowers.

Before modern cannabis cultivation in California was established, wild-grown cannabis, imported from Mexico, was pollinated and contained seeds. This fertilized cannabis was less potent and flavorful due to a lack of resin development. 

Eventually, it was learned that superior cannabis came from unfertilized female flowers. The term sensimilla was coined during a time and place where “the good stuff” on the market meant seedless, craft-grown cannabis.

As all cannabis on the market, today consists of seedless, female flowers, sensimilla or sensi is used contemporarily to describe particularly potent strains and different cannabis cultivars.


  • highly potent marijuana from female plants that are specially tended and kept seedless by preventing pollination to induce a high resin content
  • a female hemp plant has grown to produce sinsemilla

   History & Etymology:

  • American Spanish, from sin without + semilla seed

   First Known use of the word was in 1975.

High Times Top Strains of 1977
Based on 27 reviews
Clare L.
Clare L.
So I usually go to caliva in San Jose due to its wide variety of choices, but I was getting back from a late flight and wanted to pick something up on the way home... caliva closed at 9pm. I mapped out dispensaries in the Bay Area on my apple maps, but they all said permanently closed including the Sensi Society, so if I hadn't looked up on yelp, I wouldn't have found out they were actually open. Come to find out after I called in and spoke to gabby at the front desk, they only do pick ups and delivery's. She tried to help me order over the phone but I usually like to visually see what I want, so I told her I'd look online then call back. Their online menu was pretty short, but looked good enough for the last minute pick up. So I called back and ordered. They seemed busy but eventually I got to order some prerolls, which had a good deal, 6 full gram rolls for 60$. Choices of paying cash or card (I paid cash) She then directed me to where I'd be picking up my goods, which wasn't at the Sensi society location.. but just a parking lot location nearby to pick up from one of their drivers. She said I would get a text of when the driver would be there, but didn't, so I called back and eventually got the text and found the driver. I felt like I was back in the east coast doing an illegal drug deal but it was all legal and actually really easy. would mostly likely order again when I'm looking for a late night deal. Gabby was really sweet and said their system sometimes doesn't send the messages, so she then made sure I got everything okay. Other than some confusion, all went well and the driver was also cool . I took away one star for the sketchy-Ness of the parking lot pick up which maybe I just wasn't used too anymore and late text message confirming my order, other than that it worked!!
Audrey H.
Audrey H.
Super polite and knowledgeable about products and corresponding cartridge batteries. My first time ordering from this dispo - i got nothin to complain about.
I ordered from these people for the first time on a Thursday at 9:38 pm. Given that they close at 10, I didn't get my hopes up about actually getting my order that night. Surprisingly, I received a call from Robert right after placing my order informing me that I caught him right before he was going to clock out for the night. I managed to make it to the meet up spot in the Jack's parking lot before 10 and got what I ordered. Very responsive customer service. Thank you Sensi Society!!!!
Jaz M.
Jaz M.
This was my first time ordering from Sensi Society! The process was so easy & my delivery came in a timely manner. Angelo was great help! He was on time and kept me updated on my order the entire time. He also provided some extra goodies when my lighter was accidentally left out! I would purchase from this company again and definitely recommend others to do business there. Thank you Sensi Society
Mary G.
Mary G.
After doing some research, I decided to order through Sensi Society to support local businesses. I am so glad I did because I received excellent service from start to finish! The communication was above 5 stars. Delivery was fast, friendly, and professional. I am sold and will always order from them. The product was fresh and delicious! I highly recommend Sensi for fast local delivery.
Brittany H.
Brittany H.
I was skeptical about using a delivery service, but I highly recommend this business! They called to let me know that they ran out of something that I ordered; I was very easy going about a substitution and they went above and beyond!! Thank you! I'm looking forward to trying my goodies
Cindy B.
Cindy B.
The Sensi Society delivers to La Honda! Minimum order required but if a smaller order is placed they'll meet at the park and ride in Woodside. Great service, great selection, competitively priced. Thanks, Sensi Society!
Based on 72 reviews
Sybastian Smith
Sybastian Smith
This was the BEST dispensary service I have ever experienced! The reps were super helpful, nice and definitely fast. I had my order in less than 15 mins after placing it. Definitely recommend Sensi Society. Ill be back here in Feb 2023 so I will be using them again when I come back!
Phillip Hsieh
Phillip Hsieh
Sensi Society, the Sensible choice. Honest service and good drivers. Top notch💯
Raquel Mora
Raquel Mora
Christian Mora
Christian Mora
great delivery if you're in the san mateo area! great at communicating.
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