PAX ERA - Tropical Orange Bomb - Sativa Pod

PAX ERA - Tropical Orange Bomb - Sativa Pod

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The botanical integrity found in our full spectrum oils blends perfectly with the advanced technology that Pax Labs is known for. Pax Pods filled with BRITE Labs’ 100% purely CO2 cannabis extracts never contain diluents, flavoring agents, or additives of any kind, and we offer a range of strain-specific oils for a wide variety of effects and needs, while the Pax Era device provides the discretion and temperature control to suit your preference on any occasion.

Aroma/Flavor: This strain smells of oranges and lemons. Some phenotypes have a strong tropical, candy-like aroma.

Typical Effects: This strain enhances creativity and uplifts the mind. Its effects allow you to forget about stress and anxiety. This strain makes it easier to focus on tasks at hand and tends to be mainly cerebral, however; in larger quantities, it can spread a warm and tingly numbing sensation to the body. Use this strain during the day for relief from migraines, depression and anxiety.

Appellation: Sonoma Valley

Strain History: MALE: Pineapple x Hawaiian Haze X FEMALE: In-house Sour Apples